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ORA X the AR Headphones with Heads Up Display By Eliane Fiolet on 10/20/2015 11:11 PDTOptinvent, the company behind the ORA X AR Headphones have been working on smart glasses for a long time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to wearable transparent display.As Google quit on their Glass for consumers, Optinvent may have found a great user experience that could bring the smart glasses back on consumers head, via the headphones.The most brilliant innovation of ORA X is the ability to swirl back the tiny display when you do not need to use it, and the presence of the headphones clearly indicates that you are enjoying your music while watching a video, instead of spying on people.So I am very happy to see that today the ORA X launched on Indiegogo for $349 (super early bird price).I have tried the Android powered ORA X prototype watching a music video, and it worked pretty well. The company behind this product is launching its IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to develop a state of the art user interface that would allow users to perfectly command all the functions from touching the side of the headphones (see picture).The display is equivalent to an 70 inch screen at a distance of 15 feet with 126 pixels/degree angular resolution and a high luminosity of 3000 nits. You shoot photos or 1080p videos with the 5MP camera placed at the back side of the display.On the audio specs sides, ORA X headphones boast High end 50mm dynamic drivers with noise cancelling microphones and high definition audio codec using professional grade DSP technology.

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Que la reine créa l’époque ou que l’époque créa la reine, peu importe. Elle correspondit parfaitementà son temps, écrivait en 1962 l’Américaine Florence Becker Lennon au sujet de la souveraine Victoria. Ne leur en déplaise, les patrons de presse ne sont pas des monarques.

En apparence, pourtant, il ne montre rien d’autre qu’une douceur résignée. Nuque et épaules voûtées, gestes coulés, petits pas feutrés. Il s’en explique ainsi: On rêve de me voir grimper aux murs, mais je ne sais pas faire. Avant, il y avait uniquement du respect, et maintenant il y a aussi de la sympathie, confesse l allemand de Sochaux, Peter Zeidler. Indéniablement, les attentats ont renforcé cela. Ces événements nous ont montré qu y avait quelque chose entre les deux pays, et que ce quelque chose a été renforcé.

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